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Nano Graphene Coating

Nano Graphene Coatings are the ultimate protection for your all of your exterior surfaces. The physical properties of Graphene allows it to outperform any other coating on the market. Although ceramic coatings and graphene coating both protect well against UV Rays, Water spots, and contaminants. The graphene outlives a ceramic coating and is a lot stronger in fact, graphene is 200x stronger than steel!


There are many companies to choose from when it comes to picking a Ceramic/Graphene Coatings for my clients. After trying almost every brand in the detailing industry, one of my friends introduced me to Artdeshine, A company based out of Singapore, immediately fell in love with the results from the products. Artdeshine has a commercial line of products that are only accessible after a certification process . The gloss and slickness these coatings leave is unmatched, but its not the best part. The Graphene coatings are infused with Graphene Oxide which is in fact 200x stronger than steel leaving a thick layer of protection or how we like to call it, a "sacrificial barrier" against mothers natures nature elements 

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