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Remove The Paint Defects and Reveal Gloss 

Have ever seen your vehicles paint under the direct sunlight and noticed a web of swirls and scratches on your paint? The one step correction is meant to eliminate 60-80 percent of the swirl marks on the whole vehicle, however in many cases the one step correction is enough to correct a vehicles paint to perfection

Our One Step Paint Correction Process 

Step 1

Clean Wheels and Tires with a variety of brushes 

Step 4

Chemically remove the iron particles/contaminants with an iron remover  

Step 7

Tape off all of the sensitive areas like plastic and rubber trim in order to avoid staining with polish 

Step 2

Thorough handwash including door jams, gas cap, and removing bugs from front 

Step 5 

Thoroughly dry vehicles paint and cracks and crevice

Step 8

The paint correction process, which increases shine, gloss and clarity by removing minor to medium paint defects 

Step 3

Clay bar paint to remove embedded contaminants 

Step 6

Clean exterior/interior glass leaving a crystal clear finish 

Step 9

Entire vehicle is wiped down with a IPA solution to remove any excess polish 





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