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 Full Detail In The Bay Area 

Completely Transform Your Vehicle 

Full Detail means full detail, you can expect nothing less than a complete transformation of your vehicle. This package is the most popular for a client who bought a Pre Owned vehicle

Step 1

Remove all lose items and big trash (separated into two bags) 

Step 4

With a mixture of brushes, pads, steamer and air compressor we will deep clean all leather, plastics, and glass 

Step 2

All carpet including trunk is vacuumed with a combination of air compressor, drill brush, and vacuum 

Step 3

Seats, floor mats, and carpets are properly shampooed with commercial grade hot water extractor 

Step 5

Clean Wheels and Tires with a variety of brushes 

Step 8

Apply a layer of sealant to all painted surfaces for shine and 3 month protection 

Step 6

Thorough handwash including door jams, gas cap, and removing bugs from front 

Step 9 

Apply tire dressing to make tires shiny (dry to touch)

Step 7

Clay bar paint to remove embedded contaminants 

Step 10

Clean exterior/interior glass leaving a crystal clear finish 





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