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Exterior Detail 

Proper Handwashing Methods To Ensure a clean Swirl Free Finish 

Not The Hardest, But There's A Right Way 

If you are looking for a fast, quick, cheap car wash then we are most likely not the fit for you. We take our premium wash process further to provide a higher quality level of service 

Our Premium Wash Process

Step 1

Clean Wheels,Tires, and Gas Cap, Cracks and Crevices  

Step 4

Apply spray wax/detail spray for extra shine and protection as well as a drying aid 

Step 2

Remove dead bugs/bird droppings 

Step 5 

Dry the vehicle with a soft microfiber towel and air blower for the crevices 

Step 3

Foam and wash vehicle with a quality wash mitt and products 

Step 5 

Clean all exterior windows and shine up the tires 





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